8.20.10 dreams reflections projections

We are doing so many things ~ Bruce comes back next week and you guys will get your bonus trax. We are actively seeking our band…. A giant vision fell in my lap about the next batch o songs …. It was of a futuristic KALI, slicing thru city streets at 4 a.m., destroying all, preserving few, whilst singing sweet lullabies.

Bruce and I are working remotely on these songs to keep this train rolling… our vision is in synch.

The CONJURE ONE record comes out in October. I did a track with Rhys called “Run for Cover.”

Have you checked out BEAT VENTRILOQUISTS? They are here to stay, an immensely talented electronic duo who are dear friends. They make tasty tracks that are as addictive as nicotine. Check out “Unfolding” that I did with them and their entire first EP, which URB magazine gave a perfect review.

More to come – so much more. Like a rocket.


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