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Here It Comes

Posted 14 Oct 2011 in Blog

Here it comes…

So excited you guys will be able to hear the new songs and the prelude to our next full length on TUESDAY.

I love how everything has come together.  The Invisible Plan is about living your life so that things find you, using your strong internal powers to affect the world.  You can plant the entire CD sleeve in the ground and grow wildflowers. I love the correlation that a seed is invisible in the ground but has an innate power to push through the dirt and become something beautiful. The poster, which was done by Justin Hampton, has me in “Tree Pose” (the symbolism of roots being deep in the ground providing nourishment for all that you see above ground) with a Third Eye (the Invisible eye) and it changes between dark and light.  What is cool about the poster is Justin and I never talked about it, and this is what he came up with. Everything is intertwined.

It’s pretty cool when people come together in a creative setting and pull off of the creative energies with the result making perfect sense.

I hope you will enjoy The Invisible Plan.  We have so much more in store.

p+l and thank you


Justin Hampton Poster Reveal

Posted 10 Oct 2011 in Blog
Young beautiful woman in yoga position on white

The limited edition poster by artist Justin Hampton for purchasers of the Thieves Gold pack. Each poster is silk-screened, numbered and signed by the band. They also glow in the dark – check it:

“Lights On”

“Lights Off”

Get yours now before next Tuesday.