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The Invisible Plan Live @ The Roxy June 3,2011

Posted 21 Sep 2011 in Blog
Bruce Roxy

Pre-Order The Invisible Plan by Kidneythieves

You can pre-order The Invisible Plan right here today! EP will be released on October 18, 2011. Prices are valid for pre-order only and the digital release contains an acoustic bonus of the song “Floating Angels”.

Kidneythieves on SuicideGirls Radio Sept 25

Posted 19 Sep 2011 in Blog

Kidneythieves will be guests on SuicideGirls Radio this Sunday night, September 25th from 10pm – Midnight (PST) to discuss their new EP The Invisible Plan. You can listen in live on Indie1031.com and can ask Free and Bruce questions + chat live on air by dialing the studio hotline digits on Sunday between 10pm and Midnight PST: 877-900-1031

SG Radio MySpace
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SG Radio Facebook

Tune in and the band just might have a little surprise for you…

The Invisible Plan Release Date – October 18th

Posted 14 Sep 2011 in Blog
The Invisible Plan

All Good Things

Let’s cut to the chase:

We got a new EP for you: THE INVISIBLE PLAN

Who wants one? Pre-orders are September 20, 2011. Ship/Release date: October 18, 2011. You get something really special for pre-ordering….a surprise that you will know soon.

Why an EP? All album stories link from the first (Trickster). THE INVISIBLE PLAN is a prelude to the story of our next full album, which I’m not gonna give you quite yet. What am I if I’m not a tease. We already have songs started for the next full length.

Album story themes go like this:

Trickster: Cutting illusion, digging into the dirt, using your fire. How do you grow from that? Zer0space: Once you have the fire, how do you balance your internal world with your external world? Trypt0fanatic: Now that balance is attained, how do you pull the power of the dream into waking life for survival?

THE INVISIBLE PLAN: This is the ammunition you need, and to gather others in your circle, to create a united front to face the changes and challenges in the world. You can’t do it alone. How do you live your life so that THINGS FIND YOU?



Video: Free In Studio recording “Floating Angels”

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Screen Shot 2011-09-12 at 10.44.54 AM

Kidneythieves: Free Dominguez recording “Floating Angels” from the forthcoming release The Invisible Plan, coming fall 2011

Fear is Afraid of This
(A lyric from “Floating Angels” off The Invisible Plan.)

I remember writing this phrase down sometime when I was in NYC summer 2001. What is the worst fear and how do you make it stop. And I thought, “Make fear afraid that it won’t have power anymore.” I had a visual of that melting witch chick in The Wizard of Oz.

Afraid of failure, afraid of being alone, afraid of the dark, afraid of not having love, afraid of cilantro, afraid, afraid, yippity whathaveyou.

The quote “Worry [fear] is using your imagination for something you DON’T want to happen” I’ve said to myself many times. I’d like to imagine better things. Fear is a teacher. Not an existence.

You could think of continual fear as “unsustainable emotion.” It deters growth. Recycle it as fuel for success. Eco-emotional.

“Fear is afraid of This, Don’t be afraid of This.”

This is part of The Invisible Plan.


Hurricane Irene is an Invisible Plan

Posted 26 Aug 2011 in Blog

Well guys, I flew to NYC to get a bunch of stuff done for The Invisible Plan, record release party, etc. On my way there, there was an earthquake not far from NYC, so we had to circle around because of tower issues, almost ran out of gas, quickly landed in Pittsburgh to re-fuel to finally get in late.

Lots of great things coming out of meeting with everyone, our PR firm is amazing: They are all about spreading good vibes and consciousness—no fluff. Even some surprises came our way!

Hurricane Irene: A Change of Plans

I had planned to come home Monday, but Hurricane Irene changed that; Could be hopefully back by Friday, and by some miracle, home Wed. We may or may not miss deadlines, it is too soon to tell. But this is Mama Nature’s conjuring, so if we have to push The Invisible Plan store another week, please bear with. You will know *all* soon.

Send good thoughts to everyone on the East Coast. NYC has a lot of glass, a lot of flooding. I have been shipped to a friend’s house 20 min outside of Manhattan, with a basement and all.

In the meantime, Bruce will do what he can in the studio, while I am gone, and I have my studio with me. I’ve already written a piano song that I think will be a nice thing to add to our next works.

Let’s bow down to what rules: Nature. She always wins.



Outside Lands Part 2

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Silvertone Web

Outside Lands + Paul Ill

The icing on the cake: I had met my dear beautiful friend, collaborator and veteran musician, Paul Ill (we’ve known each other since the beginning of KT) at his hotel so we could go together. When I walked into his room, his vintage Silvertone Tenor (4-string) guitar was sitting against a chair. I picked it up, started playing, writing melody and chorus and lyrics. Within 10 minutes, I had something. It was like this guitar was a Being, a Muse, with amazing stories to tell.

I have been in search of my own similar guitar since the other night.

Paul Ill + Nancy Wilson

Paul told me that I am not the only person who wanted this particular guitar. The same thing happened when he handed it off to Nancy Wilson (Heart). She was instantly loving it, fascinated and inspired. He would not let it go from his possession, however.

Good news: Paul has loaned his to me until August 21—best believe there will be as many songs as I can write with this guitar before its return. TAKE THAT NANCY WILSON!

Until then,

This is part of The Invisible Plan.



Outside Lands: A Weekend of Inspiration

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Roots Best View (1)

I’m taking some time before we start our crazy schedule with The Invisible Plan, and utilizing it to its fullest for inspiration.

I spent the weekend at Outside Lands in San Francisco. Being side/on stage watching one of my all time favorites, The Roots, was probably one of my most exciting concert experiences, to feel the percussion and passion and basically feel like a 7th member (haha) just enjoying what truth in music feels like….

Sia is such a beautiful person, and I haven’t gotten to see her live until now. She has a stellar band, and it sounded even better than the record.

Muse of course did their thang and killed it in front of what seemed to be 100,000 people. I did not stay for Arcade Fire, because I would rather see them in a smaller setting, and I was getting burnt out.

Other great acts: Latryx with Lyrics Born and Lateef the Truthspeaker, and Major Lazer. I heard Mavis Staples killed it but I cannot be in two places at once.

Outside Lands Warren Haynes

The biggest surprise of motherfucker musicians for me was Warren Haynes. I am not a Govt Mule or Dead fan, and he brought a fuck-you-blues/gospel show that was unbelievable. I had gone to a smaller, more private show on Sunday night… When I get to see people who are this legendary, the craftsmanship and the history they bring—reminds me that until I breathe my last breath, I’m doing this.

This is part of The Invisible Plan.

London Burns Part 2

Posted 12 Aug 2011 in Blog

I call it a revolution

My blog Wednesday summarized my feeling that: Senseless behavior such as rioting, violence, acting out—is a result of non-revolution of the mind—the disease, not the cause.  I call it REVOLUTION because we have to overthrow our ways of  thinking, dealing with our fellow man, communicating, governing, social perceptions ~ in order to get somewhere better.  The underprivileged, the under-taught, the mis-directed rage, the insanity–ALL SIDES need to dig into the seed that was planted to create it.

Crime, war on drugs, etc. keeps big daddy in biz.  There is a reason we still have frustrated poor people, and sick, depressed people of all socioeconomic statues:  Companies are allowed to take.  There is a reason we have angry young kids and young adults committing senseless acts:  No one cared about them–or I should say no one showed them how to care about themselves.

We can get angry, we can spread our disgust, and/or we can redirect and ….

“Get better, get better, get better.” ~Scroobius Pip

This is part of The Invisible Plan.

London Burns

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soldier 1

The Dark Side of a Revolution

…is the unconscious shadow so stifled, seething, bubbling underneath, that it knows only one thing: Destruction. The lack of control to ensuing chaos and the desperate longing for control, can lead to those unleashing the destruction feeling like if anyone is going to destroy them, it will not be at the hands of the oppressor–but by their own.

All other means attempted—a calm reasoning, a heated debate, a patience and a tolerance that has been worn down by those more powerful who unfortunately are cloaked in their anorexic compassion, selfish reasoning…ultimate greed.

Once man has been pushed to his limit, rational thinking gets thrown out the window and cast into the fire. “You cannot destroy me, I will not let you. Because I am the only one who should have this power.” (Shooting the hostage, if you will.)

The Light Side of a Revolution

…is the power of Mind, The power of consciousness. In order to change lives, to break cycles, you have to change Minds. If Courage is a bullet, then Love and Compassion are a nuclear bomb. If violence begets violence, then the same is true for Knowledge, Love and Compassion.

Then we rebuild.

This is part of The Invisible Plan


“Then the floating angels come, with their fire and their guns…”

Video and Shooting Trivia/Tidbits

Posted 18 Jul 2011 in Blog
Zerospace Tub

-in the Taxicab Messiah video during the “window” scene, my hand actually went THROUGH the window.  i went to the emergency room and filming stopped, never to resume.

-filming was delayed in the a.m. because a poor girl took her life in that location the night before.  I meditated in that space and put lots of light there, sending her compassion.

-in the Zer0space video, the substance in the tub was supposed to be heated, however, the water heater broke, and for approx 17 some odd hours I was tortured with COLD water, and the only heat was from the commercial coffee maker which had to be warmed up every 10 minutes… they would pull me out every 3 or 5 minutes to put me standing in this hot water, only to go back inside the cold tub.  i looked like YODA by the next a.m. when we finished.

-in Zer0space video, there was supposed to be a cat following the trail of “milk” and another side story.  However, the cat had a prior engagement.  Luckily, no one really cares if there’s a story when there’s nudity involved.

-while doing Trickster artwork, my naked body was painted with a white clay like substance, and at the end of the shoot, i looked like a white painted zombie with white dreads… when i was being driven home, we would pull up next to people in their cars and scare the shit out of them.

-Matthew Welch, the shooter of Zer0space artwork also did the Ours artwork and “Sometimes” video. I have a feeling we will work again in the future.

-Brian Bowen Smith did our very first Zer0space PR shoot, and not only was I his first music gig, but when we met, we realized we were linked up with some mutual friends (one of them being the Taxi video director!), and have been friends/fam ever since.

-While at a coffee shop recently, I ran into Corey Campodonico, who did the Zerospace video. We reconnected and he will be doing the next video for The Invisible Plan. Crazy enough, he used certain words that me and my manager had used in our meeting about what the video should be…he totally tapped into it without me ever saying anything.

-Every single shoot I’ve done has ended up with nudity. Not for sexual exploitation, but because there is something about the human body that is timeless, with no fad or style…and we really try to achieve “artwork.” I realize that there will come a time someday when I may have to outsource that part. Cameo anyone?


All Good Things

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This post has been inspired by a long conversation i had with a friend recently, and is dedicated to the cool things that life does when you stop forcing things (tiring), stop over-thinking (which I constantly train myself on haha), don’t let people’s bullshit permeate you (life’s too short), and are completely open to every possibility (something cool can happen at any time!).

So many people are all “I’m scared to open up or love someone, b/c I might get hurt.” Oh ok, so you aren’t hurting in the process? Please. I know that brings its own set of pain all too well. You’re gonna let someone in your past have control of how you live your future? Fuck that.

Living fiercely open can be scary and some might feel possibly peppered with masochism–but some pain from Love is probably better than suffering from outright self-destruction—because Love always has a better payoff! I’m not a gambling person, and I’d rather open my odds of possibility for greatness.

This is part of The Invisible Plan.