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London Burns Part 2

Posted 12 Aug 2011 in Blog

I call it a revolution

My blog Wednesday summarized my feeling that: Senseless behavior such as rioting, violence, acting out—is a result of non-revolution of the mind—the disease, not the cause.  I call it REVOLUTION because we have to overthrow our ways of  thinking, dealing with our fellow man, communicating, governing, social perceptions ~ in order to get somewhere better.  The underprivileged, the under-taught, the mis-directed rage, the insanity–ALL SIDES need to dig into the seed that was planted to create it.

Crime, war on drugs, etc. keeps big daddy in biz.  There is a reason we still have frustrated poor people, and sick, depressed people of all socioeconomic statues:  Companies are allowed to take.  There is a reason we have angry young kids and young adults committing senseless acts:  No one cared about them–or I should say no one showed them how to care about themselves.

We can get angry, we can spread our disgust, and/or we can redirect and ….

“Get better, get better, get better.” ~Scroobius Pip

This is part of The Invisible Plan.

London Burns

Posted 10 Aug 2011 in Blog
soldier 1

The Dark Side of a Revolution

…is the unconscious shadow so stifled, seething, bubbling underneath, that it knows only one thing: Destruction. The lack of control to ensuing chaos and the desperate longing for control, can lead to those unleashing the destruction feeling like if anyone is going to destroy them, it will not be at the hands of the oppressor–but by their own.

All other means attempted—a calm reasoning, a heated debate, a patience and a tolerance that has been worn down by those more powerful who unfortunately are cloaked in their anorexic compassion, selfish reasoning…ultimate greed.

Once man has been pushed to his limit, rational thinking gets thrown out the window and cast into the fire. “You cannot destroy me, I will not let you. Because I am the only one who should have this power.” (Shooting the hostage, if you will.)

The Light Side of a Revolution

…is the power of Mind, The power of consciousness. In order to change lives, to break cycles, you have to change Minds. If Courage is a bullet, then Love and Compassion are a nuclear bomb. If violence begets violence, then the same is true for Knowledge, Love and Compassion.

Then we rebuild.

This is part of The Invisible Plan


“Then the floating angels come, with their fire and their guns…”