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Remembering Aaliyah, Queen of the Damned

Posted 25 Aug 2011 in Blog

Aaliyah Queen of the Damned

Aaliyah, RIP beautiful angel. To have “Before I’m Dead” over the memoriam of your final movie brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for choosing Earth for a little while.



Moon hangs around
A blade over my head
Reminds me what to do before I’m dead
Night consumes light
And all I dread
Reminds me what to do before I’m dead

The sun reclines
Eats my mind
Reminds me what to leave behind
Light eats night
And all I never said
Reminds me what to do before I’m…

To see you
To touch you
To see you
To touch you

Epochs fly, reminds me
What I hide, reminds me
The desert skies
Cracks the spies
Reminds me what I never tried
The ocean wide salted red
Reminds me what to do before I’m…

To see you
To touch you
To feel you
To tell you

The sun reclines – remind me
The desert skies – remind me
The ocean wide salted red
Reminds me what to do before I’m…

See you
Touch you
Feel you
Tell you

Video and Shooting Trivia/Tidbits

Posted 18 Jul 2011 in Blog
Zerospace Tub

-in the Taxicab Messiah video during the “window” scene, my hand actually went THROUGH the window.  i went to the emergency room and filming stopped, never to resume.

-filming was delayed in the a.m. because a poor girl took her life in that location the night before.  I meditated in that space and put lots of light there, sending her compassion.

-in the Zer0space video, the substance in the tub was supposed to be heated, however, the water heater broke, and for approx 17 some odd hours I was tortured with COLD water, and the only heat was from the commercial coffee maker which had to be warmed up every 10 minutes… they would pull me out every 3 or 5 minutes to put me standing in this hot water, only to go back inside the cold tub.  i looked like YODA by the next a.m. when we finished.

-in Zer0space video, there was supposed to be a cat following the trail of “milk” and another side story.  However, the cat had a prior engagement.  Luckily, no one really cares if there’s a story when there’s nudity involved.

-while doing Trickster artwork, my naked body was painted with a white clay like substance, and at the end of the shoot, i looked like a white painted zombie with white dreads… when i was being driven home, we would pull up next to people in their cars and scare the shit out of them.

-Matthew Welch, the shooter of Zer0space artwork also did the Ours artwork and “Sometimes” video. I have a feeling we will work again in the future.

-Brian Bowen Smith did our very first Zer0space PR shoot, and not only was I his first music gig, but when we met, we realized we were linked up with some mutual friends (one of them being the Taxi video director!), and have been friends/fam ever since.

-While at a coffee shop recently, I ran into Corey Campodonico, who did the Zerospace video. We reconnected and he will be doing the next video for The Invisible Plan. Crazy enough, he used certain words that me and my manager had used in our meeting about what the video should be…he totally tapped into it without me ever saying anything.

-Every single shoot I’ve done has ended up with nudity. Not for sexual exploitation, but because there is something about the human body that is timeless, with no fad or style…and we really try to achieve “artwork.” I realize that there will come a time someday when I may have to outsource that part. Cameo anyone?